Big Bag

The main characteristic of these flexible containers is the ability to package different types of products (food, fertilizers, raw materials, construction materials, among others) with the particularity of keeping them isolated both during storage and during transportation.

Tubular or flat, from 150 to 230 grs/m2. Protection of loads with high hydroscopic capacity.

According to customer needs, the rectangular bottoms can be from 90 x 90 cm. base up to 200 cm. Tall.

White, with ANTI UV RADIATION protection.

Reinforced, for lifting, The lifting lugs have a total development of 100 cm. with a gap of 25 cm. for the nails of a forklift.

With mouths, skirt, lid or valves for loading through hoppers or pipes. Blind bottoms or with discharge valves.

Possibility of attaching paper holder envelopes in crystal polyethylene, size A4 or another suggested by the client.

With flexographic tape up to 2 sides and 50% of the available surface (Printing area: 60 x 76 cm.) Drawings, logos and letters at the customer’s request up to three colors per side.

From 250 to 2000 kg. Safe Payload (SWL) factor 5:1 (1 trip), 6:1 and 8:1 (multiple trips).

From 250 to 2000 Kg. depending on the density of the product.

The hermeticity of the Big Bag must be adapted to the specifications of the product that is going to be packaged. thus, eventually they can go with inner polyethylene covers designed to protect microscopic or moisture-sensitive products, acting as an anti-leak element.

Type of fabric: Tabular or flat
Fabric: Laminated or raffia
Size: 90x90cm
Height: Up to 200 cm
Weight to contain: from 250 to 2000 kg.
Volume: from 250 to 2000 kg.
Slings: Reinforced 100cm thick, slack (free eye) 25cm
Access: Mouth, skirt, lid or valves
Inner film: with or without film
Printing: According to sketch

Big Bag Types