Our Company

We are a leading Paraguayan company in the manufacture of rigid and flexible plastic packaging, currently we produce and import high quality products to meet the needs of our customers, mainly covering the demand of the dairy, food, agroveterinary industry or any other that requires logistics. and/or bulk storage.

We make available to customers a corporate and manufacturing infrastructure with highly trained personnel to provide the best service.

Learn about our infrastructure, what moves us, what inspires us. We are an industry committed to providing comprehensive solutions with high quality products.


We are a company that produces and markets solutions in high-quality plastic products, with an excellent cost/benefit ratio, respecting and caring for the environment, focused on continuous improvement.


To be leaders in the regional market, recognized for its superior quality plastic products and for the excellence of its services.


– Honesty
– Ethics
– Flexibility to changes
– Sense of belonging
– Passion for excellence

Circular economy

Committed to a sustainable production model that benefits the environment, ENVAPAR reuses its own post-production materials and waste from other industries to reinsert them into society in the form of new plastic products, taking care of every detail and guaranteeing quality throughout the process.


Quality Policy

Our commitment is based on the development of competitive quality products, worldwide, in order to deliver products to our customers that meet their needs and expectations.

We focus on the continuous improvement of the Quality Management system, the strengthening of human talent, the optimization of resources and profitability, the technological modernization for the improvement and manufacture of products aimed at the satisfaction of our customers.

We are committed to the quality of our products, teamwork, efficient communication between stakeholders, compliance with all requirements expressed by customers, legal, regulatory and any other applicable requirement.



Production and marketing of plastic products by injection and extrusion of polypropylene threads for the manufacture of fabrics and bags with or without printing and film extrusion.

The ISO ISO 9001/2015 Standard is the basis of the Quality Management System.

QMS is an international standard that focuses on all the elements of quality management that a company must have in order to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of its products or services.